One-Stop Turnkey Service

We provide One-stop Turnkey Service for all parts of Design, Foundry, OSAT, and System for mass production of differentiated products that customers want. Based on our in-house design, QA, test, and system competencies, we will deliver a trust solution to our customers through accumulated collaboration experiences with foundry and industry partners.

Product History

We have experience in taping out products for various types of applications, such as automotive, consumer, network, and HPC, from more than 300 5/7nm front-end processes to 28/40nm and 8-inch processes.

Large-Scale Business Support

Based on our experience in mass production of over 300 million units per year, we provide stable mass production services through efficient and close communication with customers and partners from the beginning of development to the end of mass production (EOL). In addition, we provide a fast development period, stable mass production system establishment, and the best quality assurance system through strategic partnership with world class OSAT partners and mass production experience.