The course “Leadership skills for Middle Management” on 20 June, 2024 is a quality training program, aimed at distilling and developing top management skills in the context of businesses facing increasingly complex challenges.
Not limited to a theoretical level, this course aims to develop excellent leadership skills, the ability to make decisions in complex situations and the ability to promote creativity in the organization. Through applying the knowledge gained, students will be fully equipped with the tools to face challenges and take advantage of opportunities in a dynamic and constantly changing business environment.

Shasu Training’s “Leadership skills for Middle Management” course equips ADT & SNST Vietnam students with the necessary tools to build strong organizational development & bring optimal value to individual development. individuals & businesses. That is:

  • How to recognize how one’s role models influence and shape a leadership environment.
  • Provide leadership methods appropriate to the skill development needs of each member, based on identified situations.
  • The Leader’s role in developing team members.
  • How to use a feedback model that builds trust and mutual respect, describes behaviors and business impacts, and develops a plan to change behaviors.
  • Identify leadership behaviors that build open communication, collaboration, trust and credibility with team members.

Throughout the course, participants mastered important aspects of Middle Management. Participants learned how to work in groups, listen to others’ opinions, and demonstrate awareness of common goals. At the same time, develop the ability to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and share knowledge well. The participants’ positive spirit and willingness to learn contributed to the success of the course.

The program provides opportunities for students to practice the skills and principles they have learned through practical activities. Furthermore, constructive feedback from instructors and everyone in the class helps students recognize and improve areas that need development.