ADTechnology announced that its 5th open recruitment for 2024 was completed, breaking the highest competition rate ever since its founding. A total of 1,500 people applied for this recruitment, recruiting 53 people, and recording a competition rate of 30 to 1.

Kim Jun-seok, CEO of AD Technology, and a commemorative photo of the 5th open recruitment 

ADTechnology hired new employees for ▲engineer, ▲sales, ▲ human resources positions through this 5th open recruitment. The starting salary for new employees is around 45 million won, the highest level in the industry.

The 53 successful applicants will complete introductory and advanced training courses for approximately four months starting in June. In particular, one of the characteristics of this year’s open recruitment training is that customized training will be provided, such as carrying out mock projects before department placement, completing job-oriented training courses, and checking each individual’s shortcomings through feedback.

ADTechnology was the first to introduce a public recruitment system in the domestic semiconductor design house industry in 2020 and is known to have the largest workforce of approximately 670 people currently.

Recently, as the semiconductor design process has become more refined and the number of engineers involved in projects is increasing, design house companies’ ability to secure excellent design personnel is leading to the company’s competitiveness. In particular, for processes below 5 nanometers, it is understood that 50 to 100 people are needed per task.

Kim Jun-Seok, CEO of AD Technology, said, “We are making efforts to aggressively recruit talent every year to expand the number of engineers to 1,000 by 2025. We are nurturing practical talent who can be quickly deployed to the field through a systematic and specialized training curriculum. “I will,” he said.