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ASICLAND loses Sapion and takes on AI unicorn Dinoticia as a customer

ASICLAND succeeded in attracting AI unicorn company Dinoticia as a customer. This contract is an important achievement for ASICLAND, solidifying its position as Korea’s only TSMC VCA (Value Chain Advance) partner. ASIC LAND is a design house partner of TSMC. The design house is responsible for dividing the pre- and post-processes of semiconductor design, creating […]

ASIC Land, TSMC Tesla ‘equipped with AI computer’ semiconductor production increases… Highlighted as the only domestic partner

ASIC Land’s stock price is strong in early trading. It appears that investor interest has been drawn as Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest foundry (semiconductor consignment production) company, has reportedly begun producing next-generation semiconductor chips to be mounted on the U.S. electric car company Tesla’s supercomputer ‘Dojo’. There are observations that the fact that ASIC […]

U.S., 2-year IRA subsidy for electric vehicles using Chinese graphite

Senko prepares to supply gas detectors to Huawei and SMIC semiconductor fabs Senko announced on the 2nd that it will begin product evaluation after completing factory screening to supply gas alarms to the semiconductor fabs of Huawei, a communications equipment and smartphone manufacturer in China, and SMIC, a foundry company. A formal PO (Purchase Order) […]