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“Korea’s semiconductors are limited so go to Japan” Korean companies looking for opportunities to rebuild semiconductors

Japan is a strategic point for fabless and other companies to strengthen semiconductors with the Japanese government’s investment of KRW 90 trillion. While the Japanese government is attracting global semiconductor companies such as TSMC and Micron with massive subsidies, Korean semiconductor companies are also speeding up their entry into the Japanese semiconductor market. This can […]

Naver and Samsung battle to develop ‘Mach’

TSMC “to build 7 more semiconductor factories this year” Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest foundry (semiconductor consignment production) company, announced that it will build seven additional semiconductor factories this year to strengthen production capabilities.According to Taiwanese media, including the China Times, on the 24th, Huang Yuan-kuo, senior plant manager of TSMC 18B Fab (semiconductor production […]