Konyang University AISW Convergence College Dean Kim Yong Seok and AD Technology CEO Park Jun Kyu

The Department of Semiconductor Engineering at Konyang University in Chungnam Province announced on the 5th this month that they have signed a semiconductor design talent development reservation company agreement with major domestic semiconductor design companies.

Konyang University’s Semiconductor Engineering Department signed a reservation company agreement with AD Technology on the 17th of last month and decided to hire 3 to 5 semiconductor engineering students as interns per year within the company’s selection regulations and provide field training opportunities.

Then, on the 22nd last month, they signed a reservation company agreement with Telechips, Korea’s No. 1 automotive semiconductor design company, and 3A Logics, a system semiconductor company for near-field communication (NFC), and decided to operate a joint on-site training course to nurture professional manpower. .

Professor Taekwon Kwon of Konyang University’s Department of Semiconductor Engineering worked at Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division from 2004 to 2015, working on the development of digital TV reception chips and the design of semiconductors in the communication field such as Wifi/Bluetooth.

Professor Kwon said, “Currently, the semiconductor design field is only supplying 20 to 30% of the required talent, but with the development of artificial intelligence, the demand for semiconductor-related talent will increase further in the future.” He added, “Konyang University’s Department of Semiconductor Engineering is specialized in semiconductor engineering to differentiate itself from other universities’ semiconductor departments.” “We are creating an environment in which graduates can get jobs in companies as semiconductor design experts by organizing the best curriculum to foster design experts and signing a business agreement with the Korea Fabless Industry Association, which consists of about 110 semiconductor fabless companies.” He said.