– Ranked 6th in the world of fabless, promoting the opening of additional research centers in Ho Chi Minh City
– Developed into a global research base following Vietnam, the United States, and India
– Continuing to cultivate engineer-centered talent through scholarships and internships for honors students in computer and engineering

Marvell Technology, an American semiconductor fab lip service company, opened a semiconductor design center in Da Nang, Vietnam. (From left) Bui Quang Ngoc, Vice President of Marvell Vietnam’s Data Connection Department, Roy Nguyen, Vice President of the Cloud Division, and Le Quang Dam, CEO of Marvell Vietnam, are revealing the center’s operation plan.

Marvell Technology (hereinafter referred to as Marvell), an American semiconductor fabless company, opened a semiconductor design center in Da Nang, central Vietnam.

Marvell’s Vietnam Semiconductor Design Center is the third to hold an opening ceremony on the 17th, following Hanoi City and Ho Chi Minh City.

Marvell is a semiconductor design company ranked 6th in the global fabless market and has been actively expanding its business in Vietnam by establishing semiconductor design centers in large cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City since last year.

“The opening of the Da Nang Center is part of our goal to build a world-class IC design center in Vietnam,” said Le Quang Dam, CEO of Marvell Vietnam. “We are opening an additional research center in Ho Chi Minh City to strengthen the IC design sector along with the Da Nang City center.” “Through this, we expect Vietnam to become Marvell’s third major IC design center following the United States and India.”

Marvell’s IC design centers in Vietnam will mainly focus on developing cutting-edge IC technologies such as optical connectivity, storage, analog, and mixed-signal semiconductors. Through this, Marvell plans to build a new infrastructure that can meet the demand for cloud data and AI (artificial intelligence) center performance improvement.

Regarding this, Loi Nguyen, Vice President of Marvell Cloud Division, said, “Marvel has contributed to the growth of Vietnam’s semiconductor market by consistently working to attract and develop the best technical talent to support the operation of the IC design center, and will continue these efforts in the future. “It is,” he said.

Previously, Marvell Chairman and CEO Matt Murphy announced at the Vietnam-US Innovation and Investment High-Level Meeting held on the occasion of President Joe Biden’s state visit in September last year that the company will increase the dispatch of its engineers to Vietnam and expand its workforce by 50% over the next three years. He promised that he would step forward. In just eight months, Marvell Vietnam’s semiconductor workforce has increased by more than 30%.

In addition, Marvell Vietnam is providing scholarships to students with excellent grades in engineering and computer science majors to secure technical talent, and to accelerate this, it plans to add 30 scholarship programs this year and operate 60 internship programs over the next two years. Through this, Marvell Vietnam predicted that the semiconductor workforce will increase by an average of 15% per year by 2030.

Regarding this, CEO Dam explained, “Marvel Vietnam is focusing on recruiting new and experienced engineers.”

Currently, Marvell Vietnam has 400 employees, most of whom are engineers.

Reporter Lim Yong-tae