ASICLAND succeeded in attracting AI unicorn company Dinoticia as a customer. This contract is an important achievement for ASICLAND, solidifying its position as Korea’s only TSMC VCA (Value Chain Advance) partner.

ASIC LAND is a design house partner of TSMC. The design house is responsible for dividing the pre- and post-processes of semiconductor design, creating product specifications, proceeding with design based on these, and ultimately producing wafers. In this process, the design is modified to match TSMC and Samsung’s processes, and continuous sales are generated through service contracts and own design assets.

This company’s sales have grown rapidly since its recent listing, exceeding 70 billion won in 2023, and are expected to exceed 100 billion won this year. The current market capitalization is approximately 500 billion won.

Dinoticia, which ASICLAND secured as a client this time, is a new AI startup that raised 14 billion won in funding within 8 months of its establishment. Moo-kyung Jeong, former CTO of Sapion, an AI semiconductor subsidiary of SK Telecom, is the CEO. Dinoticia is a company that provides AI solutions and is conducting AI semiconductor design through cooperation with ASICLAND.

ASICLAND plans to proceed with AI semiconductor design through a contract with Dinoticia. A single sales and supply contract worth 9.7 billion won was also signed. Through this contract, Dinoticia will provide the initial specifications and necessary requirements for AI semiconductor design, and ASICLAND will perform design services based on this.

Meanwhile, ASICLAND maintained a cooperative relationship with Sapion in the past, but secured a new client, Dinoticia, after CTO Jeong Moo-kyung left the company.

Through this contract, ASICLAND is expected to strengthen its competitiveness in the AI ​​semiconductor field, and Dinoticia is expected to solidify its position in the market by providing AI solutions. .

Source: PD Kim Jong-seok