ASICLAND announced on the 13th that it has signed contracts worth 20 billion won with a number of companies related to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductors.

ASICLAND explained that it has signed contracts with ▲ Korea’s first edge-oriented AI neural network processing unit (NPU) developer, ▲ an AI startup providing large-scale language model (LLM) service solutions, and ▲ an AI NPU developer that is in the process of developing advanced products for lightweight versions. It includes the development of edge-oriented AI NPU and AI semiconductor development based on the 12nm (nanometer, 1nm is 1 billionth of a meter) process.

ASICLAND is a semiconductor design house (DSP) and a value chain collaborator (VCA) of Taiwan’s TSMC. It plays a role in supporting fabless (semiconductor design companies) to produce according to the foundry (consignment production) process. We provide turnkey services throughout the entire process, from verification of semiconductor design assets (IP) to design, packaging, and testing.

Lee Jong-min, CEO of ASIC Land, said, “We plan to focus on developing edge-type AI semiconductors to keep pace with the rapidly growing on-device AI market,” and added, “We will strive to successfully lead the AI ​​semiconductor development project to mass production.”