Participating in the Embedded Vision Summit…introducing embedded non-volatile memory technology

AD Technology, a semiconductor design solution (DSP) company, announced that it will cooperate with ANAFLASH, an American semiconductor IP (design asset) company, at the ‘Embedded Vision Summit’ held in California, USA for three days from the 21st to the 23rd of this month.

At this summit, AD Technology aims to attract customers in the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) and HPC (high-performance computing) fields by presenting ‘Value added Foundation IP’, including its HPC-oriented semiconductor development platform, custom library, and memory. The technology will be showcased.

Additionally, AD Technology will present 28 nanometer (nm) zero layer embedded non-volatile memory (Logic-EFLASH) IP through joint participation with Anaflash. 

AnaFlash’s embedded non-volatile memory technology is advantageous in terms of cost and energy as it stores information without consuming power even when the device is inactive. Also, unlike general non-volatile memory technology, it can be integrated in logic process technology without an additional mask.

This technology was announced last February at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), one of the most prestigious academic societies in the semiconductor field, as a technology that can be used for low-power artificial intelligence acceleration using the 14-nano standard FinFET logic process.

Meanwhile, according to market research firm The Insight Partners, the embedded non-volatile memory market size is expected to reach $3.73295 billion by 2030.