Bo Cap Vang tourist area (Nhon Trach, Dong Nai) is an ideal location for those who want to enjoy fresh air and green nature with many attractive entertainment activities.

During this Outing, 15th December 2023, members of ADT & SNST Vietnam participated in many fun and useful activities with colleagues. One of the most impressive activities is playing tug of war. This is a game that requires solidarity, coordination and effort from each team member. Everyone pulled together to do their best to win for their team. Although the win or loss result is not important, everyone feels very happy and proud to work with talented and enthusiastic friends.

Another activity we also enjoyed was boating. We sat together in small boats and rowed to the other side to collect the victory flag for our team. We saw beautiful scenes of nature, such as green trees, flowers, birds, etc. Besides, we also talked and shared interesting things about work and life with nahu. From then on, we felt very relaxed and closer to each other.

The highlight of the picnic is the party at the restaurant inside the tourist area. This is an opportunity for company members to enjoy delicious dishes and local specialties. We share joy together when completing big projects, to which we have devoted a lot of effort and enthusiasm. We feel very happy and warm to be part of the company family.

The picnic of all members of ADT & SNST Vietnam at Bo Cap Vang tourist area left many unforgettable emotions for everyone. We had great experiences and beautiful memories with our colleagues. We also learned many useful things from good friends. They hope to have more opportunities to participate in field trips like this in the future.