In a significant move to bolster trade relations and technological cooperation, Kotra, the Korean trade-investment promotion agency, has visited ADT & SNST Vietnam on 12 June 2024. This visit underscores Kotra’s interest in the burgeoning microchip industry in Vietnam and its potential for growth.

Kotra stands as a pivotal agency dedicated to advancing national economic development through trade promotion, fostering investment between domestic and foreign companies, and supporting industrial technology cooperation. With its extensive network, including 6 headquarters, 33 departments, 3 centers, 10 regional headquarters, 127 Overseas Trade Centers across 84 countries, and 12 support centers within Korea itself, Kotra is well-equipped to facilitate global business expansion.

Discussion Highlights During their visit, Kotra engaged in discussions with ADT & SNST Vietnam on several key topics:

  • The state of the microchip industry in Vietnam.
  • Strategies to enhance the international branding of ADT & SNST Vietnam.
  • Expanding networks to foster the development of microchip projects.

This meeting marks a step forward in creating robust partnerships and expanding Vietnam’s footprint in the global microchip sector.

More information about Kotra: