A prototype of a photonic semiconductor chip that will lead the coming 6G era has been produced.

On the 17th this month (local time), mobile media outlet Phone Arena cited the scientific journal Nature and reported that scientists have developed a new photon-based semiconductor chip that can connect to high radio frequency bandwidths.

It is said that this photonic semiconductor can be used not only in 6G but also in 7G. The chip’s prototype was made in a similar way to assembling a plastic Lego toy and measures 5mm by 5mm.

The vice-chancellor of the University of Sydney, Australia, said: “Microwave photon filters play an important role in modern communications and radar applications,” and “They provide the flexibility to precisely filter a wide range of frequencies, reduce electromagnetic interference and improve signal quality.”

There are still at least 7 more years until 6G is released. Phone Arena reported that photonic-based chips for mobile devices are something to keep an eye on.