SUWON, SOUTH KOREA — October 6, 2023 – ADTechnology, South Korea’s leading semiconductor design house, announced that it has signed an agreement with Zaram Technology, a fabless telecommunications semiconductor company, to develop a next-generation high-speed Internet semiconductor (XGSPON). ‘XGSPON’ is a next-generation high-speed Internet semiconductor developed by Zaram Technology for the first time in Korea.

JK Park, CEO of ADTechnonology and Jun-Hyun Baek, CEO of Zaram Technology

Based on the Samsung Foundry’s advanced process technology, ADTechnology and Zaram Technology plan to manufacture and verify prototypes by the second half of 2024, and then mass produce it in earnest from 2025.

In the telecommunication market, there is a need to improve data transmission and reception efficiency and reduce infrastructure costs, and XGSPON greatly improves coverage and reduces cost burden by efficiently delivering optical signals from one core network to multiple base stations without the need to connect the core network and base stations one-to-one. In addition, the power consumption of XGSPON is 0.9W, the lowest in the world, which is twice as power efficient as competitors, improving the problem of power-hungry Internet communication semiconductors.

The development of XGSPON is expected to directly benefit from the U.S. BEAD program. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce in the last June, it is worth a $42.45 billion initiative to build high-speed internet infrastructure in all 50 states by 2030 and expected to be the largest internet construction project in US history.

“XGSPON is a core semiconductor for global top-tier telecommunications equipment companies and is used in more than 20 million units per year for a minimum of seven years and a maximum of 15 years,” said Joon-hyun Baek, CEO of Zaram Technology. “Demand for high-speed communications networks is strong around the world. We will be able to secure stable sales demands. Through successful development and mass production with ADTechnology, we will contribute to the commercialization and universalization of next-generation high-speed communication networks and continue to secure global top-tier communication equipment companies as customers.

“This project requires very complex and comprehensive design solution capabilities based on ADTechnology’s extensive design service experience,” said JK Park, CEO of ADTechnology. “Through this development, we will do our best as a strong partner for Zaram Technology’s successful leap into a global next-generation communication semiconductor fabless company.