Domestic semiconductor design house AD Technology has entered into a semiconductor design asset (IP) licensing agreement with Arm for Neoverse Compute Subsystem (CSS) and is preparing to receive orders for high-performance chip development. This is an additional contract after AD Technology was selected as the only Arm total design program partner in Korea last month.

Arm Korea President Hwang Seon Wook (left) and AD Technology CEO Park Jun Kyu (right) signed a license agreement for Neoverse Compute Subsystem (CSS) design assets (IP)

The Arm Total Design Program is an ecosystem based on the Neoverse Compute Subsystem (CSS). The world’s leading design companies, IP, EDA, foundries, and firmware companies such as Cadence, Synopsys, Broadcom, and Intel Foundry Services (IFS) are participating in this ecosystem. Partners who join the ARM Total Design Ecosystem can reduce the time and cost required to build custom silicon.

Through CSS’s IP licensing agreement, AD Technology was able to design and verify SOC samples in Samsung Electronics foundry’s cutting-edge process based on Arm total design.

In particular, it is expected that design service capabilities and systems for infrastructure system-on-chip (SoC) using Neoverse CSS, which has recently been spreading globally, will be secured and that orders from domestic and foreign customers will be accelerated.

Park Jun Kyu, CEO of AD Technology, said, “As a partner of Arm Total Design, we are confident that our collaboration with global customers will greatly expand by strengthening our design service capabilities,” adding, “We will develop artificial intelligence (AI), networking, servers, etc. using Samsung’s advanced processes.” “We have established a bridgehead to secure solutions for making high-performance chips that are installed in infrastructure facilities such as high-performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing,” he added.

Hwang Seon Wook, President of Arm Korea, said, “Design service capabilities for infrastructure SoCs will be prepared in Korea as well, and we expect cooperation with AD Technology, the first domestic partner of this program, to be further strengthened.”