Park Jun kyu, CEO of AD Technology, “Expansion of car and HPC semiconductors… Performance rebound from the end of this year”

“Recently, the performance declined due to a decrease in the mass project over the past few years, but it is expected to sharply rebound from the end of this year.” CEO Park of AD Technology, recently met with Electronic Times and said, “Projects developed in line with Samsung Foundry will gradually enter mass production.” ADTechnology […]

Vietnam Semiconductor Community Football Tournament 2024 – South

On April 6, 2024, ADT & SNST Vietnam participated in the Vietnam Semiconductor Community Football Tournament 2024 of the South, a memorable sporting event. The company sent two teams to participate, each team consisting of 16 players. The spirit of sportsmanship, fair play and interaction with other companies in the industry are the highlights of […]

Celebrating Employee Milestones at AD & SNST Vietnam 04.2024

On April 5, 2024, AD & SNST Vietnam came together to honor its dedicated employees who reached significant milestones. The event was a blend of promotions, appointments, and heartfelt recognition for their unwavering commitment to the company. This is called Big April 2024. Promotions and Appointments Souvenirs and Recognition To commemorate five years of service, […]

ADTechnology proves its ‘presence’ in the global server market

ADTechnology was selected as the first domestic industry partner for ARM’s total design program last year. It is significant that they have seized an important opportunity to ride the changing tide of the global server market. It is meaningful in that it has laid the foundation for accelerating domestic and international orders by joining the […]

ADTechnology, Differentiation of ‘IP·Big Die’

ADTechnology is a rare design house that understands all processes of the world’s top 1 and 2 foundries (semiconductor outsourcing production). Originally a value chain aggregator (VCA) of TSMC, it switched to Samsung Electronics’ Design Solution Partner (DSP) in 2019. This also means that it knows better than anyone else about the competitiveness of TSMC, […]

‘Fabless Facilitator’ ADTechnology ‘First Year of Entering the U.S.’

“In the past five years, there have been many fabless (semiconductor design specialists) that have developed semiconductor chips for artificial intelligence (AI), but not many of them have reached the stage where they are actually applied to applications. ADTechnology is leading the optimization process to integrate Fabless-designed chips into sets (finished products) and contributing to […]

Year End Party 2023

Wrapping up the 2023 with many challenges for the economy. In 19th January 2024, together we came together for celebrating the past year with its achievements and look forward to a year of 2024 that is more successful, more developed and stronger. And we are heading into 2024, we are welcoming a new year which […]

Samsung vs TSMC, new year’s “2nd generation 3nm process” real battle…yield is the key

Samsung Electronics and Taiwan’s TSMC are planning to enter competition by starting mass production of the second generation 3 nanometer (mn) process within this year. The two companies are noteworthy in that they will produce chips in the next-generation process in about two years, following the first-generation 3-nano process in 2022. The second-generation 3-nano process is expected […]

Japan dreams of semiconductor revival… Lack of talent is an “Achilles’ heel” 

Average age of semiconductor technicians is in 50s,avoided by young people due to long-term industrial decline Japan is pouring out large-scale subsidies in the hope of reviving semiconductors, but the lack of semiconductor talent is considered Japan’s Achilles’ heel. Due to the long-term decline of the semiconductor industry, talent development has failed. According to the semiconductor […]

In the 6G era, pay attention to ‘photonic semiconductors’

A prototype of a photonic semiconductor chip that will lead the coming 6G era has been produced. On the 17th this month (local time), mobile media outlet Phone Arena cited the scientific journal Nature and reported that scientists have developed a new photon-based semiconductor chip that can connect to high radio frequency bandwidths. It is […]